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Meet Ethyn Chacker – AO1 Consulting’s Summer Addition

At nineteen, most people have just begun. Maybe they’ve just graduated high school, maybe they are currently packing boxes for their big move away from mom and dad, or maybe they are well on their way to a million-dollar payday. AO1 Consulting’s Team Lead, Ethyn Chacker, has chosen path number three.  A new summer addition to the AO1 Consulting team, Chacker has chosen himself, his independence, and his future in choosing to accept a job.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Ethyn Chacker has always leaned towards the sales industry, and now that he’s here, he has no plans of leaving. “I think I will absolutely be in this business for the long-haul,” says Chacker, “I have gained so much knowledge and understanding about sales since starting this job. It’s been the ultimate crash course and it’s taken only a few months to learn what I thought would take years to understand.”

If you ask AO1 Consulting’s Ethyn Chacker about his greatest skill, he won’t hesitate. “Work ethic,” says Chacker. His entire team can happily cosign that statement, and it is because of that work ethic that we’ve had such a fruitful and successful summer. An independent and hardworking team member, Ethyn Chacker has worked to inspire and grow the team every day since his first. “Communication is the most important thing,” says Chacker, “I love to work but it’s impossible to do this job alone, so it’s important to communicate. I believe in leading by example and I tackle criticism in a realistic way—understand that it’s coming from a good place and we are all working towards a shared goal.”

Goal setting is the lifeblood that keeps a business, and a businessperson, going. For Chacker, his goals are clear. “Short term, I’d like to buy my own car,” says Chacker, “long term, I want to start investing in real estate and expand my financial portfolio.”

Chacker’s advice to future leaders? “Start with something you love and work hard.”

It doesn’t get clearer than that! “Focus on the opportunities around you,” says the leader, “be the best you that you can. Once you’ve identified the opportunities available to you, set daily goals and work to accomplish them as soon as possible, one by one.”

“That’s my advice, but my mother actually once gave me the most valuable piece of advice I’ve received. She said, ‘watch what you say because you can lose people with a few words.’ Obviously, we can think of that as ‘treat others how you would want to be treated,’ but beyond that, we can learn an important lesson about sales with that advice. Sales is a people business, and we function through conversation. It’s about keeping people engaged, making them feel heard, and keeping open lines of communication.”

Here at AO1 Consulting, we feel lucky to work alongside Ethyn Chacker, a leader who is impressive beyond his years. In just a couple of months, he’s made a monumental impact on our team, our clients, and the business as a whole. Cheers to many more months together!