Engage Laser-Focus

With the new year coming in fast, it’s essential to consider how you can improve your focus. The question is, what does it truly mean to be “laser-focused?” A laser is a machine that produces a light with a single color. The keyword in that sentence is “single color” and not multi-colored. Just like a laser, you need to bring together all of your energy and focus on one thing at a time. The team at AO1 Consulting understands how multitasking can help save time and how it can also take away from the quality individuals are capable of. Continue reading to learn what steps you can take to engage laser focus and start your year off strong!

Dress To Impress

The year 2020 gave us some drastic changes in our lives; this includes adjusting to a more virtual work routine. Have you ever compared your productivity between when you’re wearing sweatpants on that zoom call versus when you are wearing dress pants or jeans? It’s proven in multiple studies that when people dress up to prepare for a particular project or task, their ability to focus goes up, ensuring the job is finished with full potential.

Use Natural Light

Open your blinds and let that light shine through! Vitamin D is not only good for your body but also your brain. When you work in an area without windows or any form of natural light around you, it makes it hard to focus and becomes more of a distraction. According to experts, this includes eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision. That’s the last thing anyone from AO1 Consulting wants to experience while hustling through their week.

Play Classical Music

Fill the white noise in your workspace with classical music! Researchers from Stanford University discovered that classical music, in particular, triggers the part of the brain used for paying attention and focusing. How interesting is that? In the study, they learned that the minds of individuals tend to wander while listening to music. Still, because classical music features many “transitional points” where there is silence, it helps keep people aware and attentive.

Use the ABC Method

What is the ABC Method? ABC stands for: aware, breathe, and choose. According to the Harvard Business Review, our brains are constantly distracted by “internal and external environments,” these meaning thoughts, sounds, or interruptions. Begin by becoming aware of your options and choose whether to pay attention to distractions. Next, breathe and relax while you decide to focus or get distracted; this will help you engage in laser focus and ensure your tasks will get done.

AO1 Consulting understands that not everyone can flip on the switch of total focus; this is why we want to help spread helpful information to entrepreneurs of all ages that might be struggling with finishing essential tasks on time. It’s vital to remember the importance of your daily work environment and what you allow to feed or eliminate distractions. We hope these tips help you engage in laser focus, ensuring the achievement of all of your goals.