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Diary of an Extrovert: Meet Gemini Berry

AO1 Consulting’s team comprises many parts; a multifaceted collage of personalities and perspectives, coming together in a shared commitment to our customers. A successful career in sales or as an entrepreneur does not require highly social tendencies, but it doesn’t hurt. Gemini Berry, one of our best Team Leaders, is a true extrovert to her core. Has it helped her? Has it pushed her past the limits of her own success? She would attest that yes, it has.

Before joining the AO1 Consulting team in July of this year, Gemini Berry never imagined a life as a salesperson, but one thing she knew for sure was her love of people. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Berry dreamt of taking to the skies as a pilot. After graduating from high school, Berry attended the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, where she learned the importance of goal-setting, prioritization, and time management- the pillars of a career in business. “While I never anticipated a career like this, I know I was made for it,” says Berry, “I have solid professionalism, competitiveness, sociability, and reliability. All of these things make me a great team member, leader, and entrepreneur.” In Berry’s view, that drive was born many years ago as a young athlete. “I was involved in so many different sports as a child, and that helped me develop an understanding of how hard work comes into play when you achieve something,” says Berry.

That brings us to AO1 Consulting, where Gemini Berry spends each day honing her business skills and amplifying the best parts of her extroverted personality. “Before I started at AO1, I knew that I wanted to be my own boss and have the freedom of time afforded to people with this opportunity,” says Berry, “but I wasn’t sure how to accomplish that goal. This career has become a vehicle for me to achieve those goals. I won’t lie; it can be difficult. I have found it challenging at times to manage my attitude and expectations, but I remind myself to stay positive in the face of adversity.”

Passionate about helping others and building relationships, Berry has found a real home at AO1 Consulting, with our leadership, team members, clients, and customers. She knows that her entire team is here to push her forward and cheer her on when things get tricky because every leader knows- no one achieves anything alone. “I am so motivated by my team,” says Berry, “they keep me going and remind me that each day is one step closer to my goals. I look forward to the achievements I will meet in 2021, and in the next few years, I hope to run a business of my own, offering opportunity to the leaders of tomorrow.”

At just twenty-one-years-old, Gemini Berry has passed her fair share of milestones and growth moments, learning a bit more about herself in the process.

“Everything is a learning process, that’s what I would tell others hoping to start their careers,” says Berry, “you may feel like you’re failing, but you can only go up from there. When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to feel discouraged, but remind yourself of everything you’ve already achieved. When I’m struggling, I remember how proud I am for moving a thousand miles away from home, sustaining myself through a global pandemic. Remind yourself that you’re stellar. You can never truly fail as long as you continue to work at something.”

In Gemini Berry’s eyes, true success means complete and total freedom; freedom of time, finances, and travel. She has found that freedom in the world of entrepreneurship and what she will continue to explore as she dives deeper into the business world and climbs higher as a true success story.