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Tackling Your Next Steps with AO1 Consulting Inc

Are you graduating in a few weeks? Congratulations! This milestone is huge, and hopefully, you are not letting the COVID-19 virus stop you from not only celebrating but preparing for life after your big day. You may be wondering, “how am I supposed to find my dream career if I’m not even allowed to leave my house?” Lucky for you, we have the answer, and it’s pretty simple and straightforward – technology! You can connect with your advisors and mentors, type up a stellar resume, and research/apply to businesses online. Take advantage of the resources that you have. Your path to success will have bumps along the way; don’t let this one hold you back!


               Today, we are sharing three bits of advice to help you tackle life after graduation. We will discuss in more detail how to use your time in quarantine wisely, the perks of utilizing your advisor, and why you should look more into our career opportunities here at AO1 Consulting Inc!


Use your time wisely

               We are guessing that being stuck at home in quarantine was not how you were envisioning your last semester of school going. This may not be a fun time; however, it can still be productive! In between Netflix binging, we recommend that you start researching businesses within your desired career field. Once you’ve narrowed down your top picks, it’s time to pull together your resume and a few cover letters!


Utilize your advisor

               One of the significant perks of college life is that you are assigned an advisor. They have spent the last four years carefully guiding you through your academic career, and our advice is to be sure to utilize their expertise for as long as possible! Once you’ve readied your resume and cover letters, send them over to your advisor for proofing. It’s always a good idea to have multiple eyes on these important representations of yourself before sending them over to businesses.


Why us

               AO1 Consulting Inc is a privately owned marketing and sales firm located in Oklahoma City, OK. Active recruiting may be on hold at the moment; however, that hasn’t stopped us from researching prospective candidates for when our doors open back up. As one of Oklahoma’s fastest-growing and most respected firms, we know that to stay at the top, we have to keep our feet in the water! If the thought of joining a company that offers hands-on training, internal growth opportunities, and the chance to travel nationally sounds intriguing to you then, we suggest you email us your resume ASAP –!


What could be better than graduating during the technological age? You’re stuck at home, but you still have the ability to do research, speak face to face with your mentors, and interview with businesses through video chat. You have all of the tools that you need to tackle your next steps successfully. Good luck and we hope to hear from you soon!